Quick Overview of Viasat internet Plans

Liberty 12

  • Download Speeds Up To 12 Mbps
  • 12 GB Priority Data
  • Free Zone: From 3 am to 6 am daily
  • Video Data Extender

Liberty 25

  • Download Speeds Up To 12 Mbps
  • 25 GB Priority Data
  • Free Zone + Video Data Extender
  • Built-in Wi-Fi

Liberty 50

  • Download Speeds Up To 12 Mbps
  • 50 GB Priority Data
  • Free Zone + Video Data Extender
  • Built-in Wi-Fi

Unlimited Silver 25

  • Download Speeds Up To 25 Mbps
  • Unlimited data
  • Stream videos at 480p quality
  • Built-in Wi-Fi

Viasat Satellite Internet at a Glance

Price Lock Guarantee

Viasat offers 2 years price lock guarantee on their internet plans so you can surf the internet without worrying about the price increase for the next two years.

Professional Installation

Viasat offers professional installation of its equipment included in the package. However, additional fees may occur if different mounting options are chosen than the standard pole mount.

Built-in Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi system is built in the standard Viasat internet equipment so you can connect multiple devices without spending money on extra equipment.

Interested in Viasat Internet?

Bundle Viasat Internet with Directv to get Cost-Saving Internet & TV Deals

Viasat is a pioneer in the satellite internet and is hailed as the fastest residential internet in the U.S. but that doesn’t mean you only have option to get internet services from Viasat(formerly Exede).

Viasat tend to offer high-class services to its customers and for those who want satellite internet as well as satellite tv, Viasat has partnered with DirecTV to offer internet & TV bundle in rural areas or areas where no other cable or fiber providers are available.

What you will get with Viasat internet & DirecTV bundles

  • Up to 100 Mbps internet speeds where available
  • Professional installation with built-in wi-fi

  • 1080p video streaming quality based on the chosen package
  • 330+ HD Channels with access to premium channels like HBO®, STARZ®, SHOWTIME®, and Cinemax® and NFL SUNDAY TICKET
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Excellent Customer Service

Salient Features of Viasat Services

Coverage Area

Viasat covers almost 98% of the U.S territory meaning that Viasat satellite internet is available in far most rural & autonomous regions. Which makes it perfect for people who opt to live in an RV van.

Internet speed & reliability

Viasat offers internet speeds ranging from 12 Mbps to 100 Mbps but these speeds may from location to location. Viasat is also more reilable than its cable & fber counterparts for services outages. Though satellite services tend to be impacted by harsh weather but these outages are often temporarily.

Customer Service

Viasat offers dedicated customer support to its consumers all over the U.S. Apart from a customer help-line, Viasat has set up an online knowledge base to help customers understand most common issues and fixes.

Get Satellite Internet & TV for RV from Top Providers

Satelite internet & TV is the most desired option for those whidecided to a break from busy lives and started living out of an RV van. Viasat covers more than 98% of the U.S territory which means that most RV parks fall into its coverage area.

Not only limited to internet services, you can also bundle viasat satellite internet with directv satellite tv for lesser prices and extra entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Viasat

What is viasat internet?

Viasat Internet is a satellite internet service from Viasat(formerly Exede) and covers more than 98% of the U.S territory.

How does Viasat work?

Viasat satellites are orbiting the earth which relays internet signals to satellite dishes to send & receive data.

How much does Viasat cost?

Viasat offers affordable packages which starts from $50/month. To view the Viasat internet prices in your area, call (855) 313-9003.

Where is Viasat available?

As mentioned earlier, Viasat is available in more than 98% of the U.S territory. To find more about Viasat internet coverage area, please call (855) 313-9003.