Wires are old school & are not liked that much nowadays. The same is the case for internet connectivity in a house. Most of us prefer wireless connections to avoid the limitation of a wire’s length and gain the ease of connecting internet devices anywhere in the house. The home wireless system consists of a modem and a wireless router to start with. The modem is required to get internet connectivity from the provider and then the router boosts the signal all over a house enabling internet devices to get connected with the internet without the hassle of plugging in a wire.

The Best Satellite Internet services

  • Spectrum Wi-Fi – Charter Spectrum internet is considered the most favourite internet connection in the U.S for home wi-fi services. Spectrum offers decent internet speeds for very economical prices and also offers a built-in router in their free modem which will save you some good amount of money.
  • Frontier FiOS – Frontier FiOS is ranked among the top fiber-optic internet service providers and has a no-contract policy for users who are not fan of being tied in a contract. Plus they offer 2 year price lock guarantee.

  • CenturyLink – CenturyLink is a high speed dsl internet provider operating in 35 states. They do offer fiber internet but its availability is limited.
  • Windstream – Windstream is also a fast speed DSL internet provider in the U.S. The best thing about Windstream is the no-contract policy and free activation and free professional installation that can save you a lot of money.
Providers Starting from Speeds up to Wi-Fi
Spectrum Internet $44.99/mo Up-To 1Gbps Built-in
Frontier FiOS $29.99/mo Up-To 1Gbps Built-in
CenturyLink $45/mo Up-To 1Gbps Built-in
Windstream $33/mo Up-To 1Gbps Built-in

Equipment Required to Set-up Home Wi-Fi Internet

Get Home Wi-Fi Internet Services in Your Area

Many U.S citizens have multiple internet providers operating in their area and it only gets complicated because of the complex pricing plans, billing circles, contracts and service restrictions. That’s why we rsearched the top companies who offer wireless internet options for home wi-fi with easy & affordable pricing and billing options and less to none service restriction.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get home wifi?

Sign up with one of the best internet providers and try to choose from a provider that offers a built-in router in their modem so you won’t have to spend more on extra equipment and get wi-fi in your home.

How much is home wifi?

That depends on the package that you have selected and equipment that is required. Many internet providers offer unlimited packages at very affordable rates and on top of that, most of them offer built-in routers in their free modem.

Is home wifi unlimited?

Again, this depends on the package that you have selected. Cable, dsl, and fiber internet providers offer unlimited internet packages while satellite providers offer limited plans.

Why is my home wifi so slow?

Slow wi-fi can be caused by one of two reasons. Either the internet connection itself is slower at the time or signal is getting weaker as the devices is far away from the router. If second is the case, it can be resolved by getting a signal booster or wi-fi extender device.